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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! you can download a demo here
Client Folder Maker's claim to fame was that it was easy-to-use, quick and out of your way. When we first rolled out Client Folder Maker years ago, users could just Control > Click anywhere on their Desktop (Finder), Window or even Drive Volume, and invoke a Preset directly. Customers were used to being able to create their hierarchies anywhere they wished.

Regrettably, with version 4.6.1, Apple initially rejected our push to iTunes Connect, because you can't allow a user to directly invoke a Preset (ie: perform this action) without first granting permission due to their new sand boxing rules under OS X Mountain Lion.

This forced us to create a new "Archives Folder" setting in CFM Preferences, where the user must explicitly set where they want their new hierarchies to live.  First time users easily adapted to this new model. However not all previous customers liked the change.

Client Folder Maker 5.0 now allows users to set the Archive Folder at the Preset level, allowing much more flexibility. Each Preset can have it's own Ar hive path assigned. Users can even set their Archive Folder to the Desktop (Finder) if they wish to put the newly created hierarchy in another place.
Starting with CFM version 5, users can now enter a Unix date, each with its own custom separators

The Tag Variable takes on this form: {Date dd_MM_yy}

Note that you can still use the {Date} Tag Variable by itself too. Under both conditions,  date separators will be presented as based on the users System Date. But users can easily change srparators used at the time they invoke their Preset.

For more Unix Date Formating Options, see here

You can easily transfer Presets from one computer to another, or even share Presets wtih colleagues.  Open CFM's Preferences Window, and in the left Preset well, just Drag & Drop them to your Desktop (Finder).



  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Current Version 4.6.1


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