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Focus on Ease of Use

Client Folder Maker utilizes a very simple approach to building custom folder sets for any job. Easily add, rename, or delete folders in the hierarchy and create new files under the folder tree. You can use any other variables in addition to, or in place of the Client Name or Job Number, so the possibilities for personal customization are endless.

After setting a pre-determined archive folder, users simply enter the Client or Project Name, the Job or Version Number, and click the "Create Folder" button. Instantly, a new folder hierarchy is created, based on the entered information, and the custom hierarchy that was selected. Client Folder Maker will faithfully create the folder hierarchy based on the client's name and the number associated with that job - with all the support folders inside.

The hidden gem in CFM is its limitless customization of tag variables, so the possibilities for personal customization are endless. Despite its namesake, Client Folder Maker's default presets aren't limited to simply a "client name" or a "job number." As long as the chosen words or phrases are surrounded in braces, you can create and use any tags you wish.

Among Client Folder Maker's most useful features is its ability to import and export Presets via Drag & Drop. You can drag any Preset to the Desktop for setting up another machine, to save and archive, or even to email friends and colleagues. Existing Presets may also be sorted in any way in the list. You can also add useful descriptions for each Preset to better describe its use under different conditions.

A Hierarchy By Any Other Name

Design professionals know that adhering to a strict folder hierarchy is paramount when setting up new clients, backing up customer files, and insuring the ability to search them for repeat jobs. Graphic Designers, Prepress Operators and Web Developers alike will immediately appreciate the convenience and time-savings Client Folder Maker offers.

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  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Current Version 4.6.1


"Huge time saver" -trazanka
"Very solid and configurable" - chrisbarnett



Colored Labels

To fill out the existing list of new features, Client Folder Maker now supports colored labels. When setting up hierarchies, simply choose any OS X default (or custom) colors for folders and files..


File and Folder Permissions

CFM users can set permissions on files and folders too. This is a boon for web designers who often build very structured folder directories for new clients, which have repeatable content and file/folder permissions.


Auto-Incrementing Tag Variables

Auto-incrementing tag variable support. CFM can automatically increment numbers, starting at any number the user designates. This feature is handy for creating hierarchies specifically for new customers or billing.


Auto Import Content.

Auto-import content from existing source files. Easily copy the contents from any text file into a newly created file at the time a hierarchy is created. Effortlessly create custom HTML markup, jQuery or CSS files, and insert that content info newly created folder/file hierarchies on-the-fly.


Default Presets

Client Folder Maker ships with default Presents for the design or prepress minded, as well as a simple website structure for web developers. Both have their own unique tag variables, but can easily be customized for any working environment.


For Anyone

Client Folder Maker offers a myriad of different uses. Photographers, Photoshop wizards, programmers, teachers and professors (for Quizzes, Homework, Solutions, Student Records), writers: anyone can leverage and enjoy its benefits.



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